Institute of the Incarnate WordInstituto del Verbo Encarnado

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The Institute of the Incarnate Word is a missionary order dedicated to the work of the new evangelization. We want to spread the Gospel in every culture by extending the presence of Christ in families, education, the mass media, scholarly works, and all other legitiate manifestations of human life.

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The Institute of the Incarnate Word(IVE) began in Argentina on March 25, 1984, the same day His Holiness Pope Saint John Paul II consecrated the world to Our Lady of Fatima. The Institute was founded by Fr. Carlos Miguel Buela, with the purpose of following Jesus Christ through the profession of the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, in addition to a fourth vow of Marian slavery according to the spirituality of Saint Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort. The IVE was founded as a Clerical Institute of Consecrated Life that includes both priests and religious brothers of either apostolic or contemplative branches.

A few years later, in 1988, Fr. Buela founded the female branch, the Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matará, with the same charism and mission.


Our Charism

The charism particular to the Institute is the prolonging of the Incarnation “to every man, to all of humanity and to all manifestations of humanity” (cf. St. John Paul II, Lima 5/15/1988) so that Jesus Christ may rule all that is authentically human. Particularly, it is the grace to know how to work concretely so as to extend the presence of Christ in families, education, the mass media, the scholarly, and in all other legitimate manifestations of human life. It is the gift of making each person like a new Incarnation of the Word, thus fulfilling our essential call to be missionaries and Marian (Constitutions, 31).


Our Missionary Spirit

The missionary spirit of the Institute of the Incarnate Word is something unique in the Church. Every religious of the Institute of the Incarnate Word must have the interior disposition to not be evasive to the missionary adventure. This little phrase, which we profess in our formula of temporal and perpetual vows, manifests that we wish to embrace the cross completely and wholeheartedly, for the sake of saving souls. As the great PIME missionary, Bl. Clement Vismara, once wrote, we want to give "skin for skin", sacrificing our lives for Christ's sake, that is, for the sake of the Gospel and the sanctification of individual men and women entrusted to our care.

  • This is what our Directory of Spirituality has to say (216):

    So as not to dodge the missionary adventure and at the same time, to move many others toward it, we need to be like poets, for only poets move people. What bigger poet is there than Jesus Christ?! What greater poetry is there than shouting, “Put out into deep water – Duc in altum!” What profound words, with such deep content, a deep mystical resonance that impels one toward great ideals. These words are understood by men of action, with broad vision and with decisive and generous hearts. They are understood by men who, because of their soul’s nobility, smile with joy in knowing that Jesus Himself tells them: Duc in altum! It is an invitation to accomplish great works, extraordinary undertakings involving a great deal of adventure, vertigo, danger, where the waves shake the boat, the salty water sprinkles the face, the prow makes way for the first time, where there is no trail and stars are the only reference, where the keel of a ship is shaken by the whirling waters, where the deployed sails endure the wind’s furor, where the masts crack… and the soul shivers. Into deep water! Far from the shore and the mainland of mere human calculations and cold thoughts… where the water moves, the heart beats quickly, where the soul knows celestial bliss and fascinating joys. To “put out into the deep” is to take the demands of the Gospel seriously and thoroughly: Go, sell what you possess (Mt 19:21). It is the longing of our restless heart, yearning to possess the Infinite. It is the impetus of the saints and martyrs who gave everything for God. It is characteristic of fishermen, humble, hardworking men who do not fear dangers; vigilant and patient during long vigils, consistent in repeating their outings on the sea, prudent to catch fish, hardened by the salt and the sun. It is being willing to die, like the grain of wheat, in order to see Christ in all things.

    (IVE Directory of Spirituality, IVE Press, 2013)

Our Apostolates

The evangelical efforts of the Institute of the Incarnate Word, are nourished by the bimillenial wisdom of the Church and are inspired by some of her best exponents: the saints. In particular, our missionaries are at the disposal of Bishops to assist local churches in providing formation for priest and seminarians, and to serve in parishes and colleges of various standards. Our pastoral work is also dedicated to the preaching of popular missions according the method of St. Alphonsus Liguori and the Spiritual Exercises according to St. Ignatius Loyola. The vast field in the evangelization of the culture has permitted the Institute to open up numerous apostolic territories, including various works of mercy and works in means of social communication.

The formation of our religious counts on minor seminaries, novitiate houses in major religious provinces, and our major seminaries in Argentina, Brazil, Peru, the United States and Italy. Our Institute also provides formatters and professors for diocesan seminaries in Peru, the Holy Land, Papua New Guinea, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Ukraine and the United States. The Institute’s contemplative branch has foundations in Argentina, Spain, Italy, the Holy Land and Tunisia.

The Institute of the Incarnate Word is presently divided into 14 Ecclesiastical Jurisdictions of Roman Rite and other Eastern Rites. Each Jurisdiction is under the governorship of a provincial superior and the current General Superior of the Institute is Fr. Carlos Walker, IVE.

Fr. Luis Montes, IVE in Iraq's "Camp Virgin Mary"

With this post we would like to share with you some of the recent interviews that took place between our missionaries and Church news agencies. These interviews were originally published by Zenit.

We share these links with you below to inform about their work and to inspire you to pray for our missionaries; not only for their safety, but also for their perseverance. They are risking their lives to stay with their flocks, ultimately manifesting to us the charity of Jesus Christ and the witness of His cross.

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