Institute of the Incarnate WordInstituto del Verbo Encarnado


Eric Seith

San Rafael, Argentina

One year ago I was getting ready to graduate from college, and I was freaking out about what I was going to do after graduation. I talked with a good servidora friend who knew I was discerning my vocation and wanted to do long-term volunteer work, and she suggested that I volunteer at one of the houses of mercy in San Rafael, Argentina for a year. I felt such great peace with this idea and knew that God was inviting me to grow in the virtue of charity, giving me the opportunity to learn Spanish, and to discern my vocation by volunteering in San Rafael.

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Jack Green

Vanimo, Papua New Guinea

My name is Jack Green and I am in my third year of seminary formation for the Parramatta Diocese (New South Wales, Australia). I decided to go on mission in the January holidays of 2014 to expand a heart in much need of expansion. I felt as if I needed to experience something different to my fairly comfortable middle-class life, as well as being of service to others in the month-long holiday I had. With this in mind I joined the small group my friend Benoshi formed and begun preparations for the mission ahead.

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Jacob Konkolics

Santa Rosa, Guyana

My experience on the Guyana mission trip with the religious order of the IVE was a tremendous and wonderful experience. It all started when I was about 17 years old. I was talking to my dad about how I wanted to go and travel around the world. I had previously gone to World Youth Day in Madrid, Spain in 2011. With this thought, my dad suggested instead of traveling to visit places, I should go on a mission trip, to make it worthwhile. With this, I decided to go with the IVE Religious Family to Guyana.

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